About Picante

We use Fresh quality ingredients.
That results in a taste you always crave for more.

We are committed to our patrons to serve the best quality Mexican food and the best delivery service straight to your Door.


at Picante Picante Mexican Restaurant, We are always bound to make our flavors better every day. Any of our food dishes are made fresh and with the highest quality possible, Thanks to the supervision of  Natalia the Owner.  she’s been learning and cooking all her life with the Original and Traditional tecniques in the Mexican cuisine!



“The Idea come from Natalia the owner, she always learned from her mother back in Mexico the best meticulous techniques with the best and broad selection of herbs and Grains to prepare the most amazing plates for the table. Natalia Says that when her mother and grand mother Used to cook! They used to Prepare every thing as if they would do a culinary ritual for God.”
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